14th Folktales Festival. Greece, Kea 23-31 July 2016. Τhe program in English

Punctual as a bride true to her promise, for the 14th consecutive year, the Folktales Festival shall, this year, fill to the brim with savoury and tasty stories and activities many of the breathtaking locations of Kea, this Dame of the Cycladic islands. Steaming pots, brimming with wonderful stories await visitors to Kea from the 23rd to the 31st July 2016. Delicious folk-tales, sounds and music, tastes and scents from the four corners of the world shall fill the secret paths, the beaches, crystal-clear fountains and summer-time berms of the island.

More topical than ever before, this year's Kea Folktales Festival has been inspired by the difficult times in the history of all countries when people have fought with the monsters of thirst and hunger and managed to survive. This is a festival tuned in to oral tradition, myths, fairy tales and true stories but also music, workshops and activities that promise to make our mouths water....!

Indeed, the 14th Folktales Festival, entitled "Hunger, thirst, food and drink" pays homage to bread. This humble and, at the same time, so important foodstuff shall tell us stories of toil and struggle, joy and happiness, but above all, stories of taste from all over the world.

The 14th Folktales Festival invites you to enjoy stories from exotic cultures related, and revealed, to food: Roaming the mythical footpaths leading to ancient Karthaia, across the oak-tree forest, crystal-clear fountains and evocative beaches shall be filled with stories travelling in the pots of storytellers from Greece, Cyprus, India, Belgium, Norway and Italy. And while the mule shall turn around the threshing floor, braying and breaking the soils' holy fruit, stories about stale bread and fragrant, hot loaves shall whet our appetite for more stories and experiences.

The 14th Folktales Festival of Kea is organised under the hospices and with the support of the Municipality of Kea.
It is organised by the Centre for the Study and Dissemination of Myths and Folktales.
This year, we are honoured to announce that the Festival is under the auspices of the UNESCO Club of Piraeus and Islands.

14th Folktales Festival
Greece, Kea 23-31 July 2016

Saturday, July 23

Pisses (on the beach) / 12:00

“A journey into culture with… a kettle”
A fairytale kettle takes us to the four corners of the earth. The people we meet on our journey welcome us with stories from their oral tradition, delicious local recipes and active games. Storytelling: Maria Zourari.
Creative design and implementation: Maria Vlachaki, Maria Zourari.

Pisses (on the beach) / 19:30

“The lotuses of oblivion: stories about magic foods”
Sailing with tales, we look for fairy-hiding citruses, for a healing pomegranate and for the mead of wisdom and poetry; we follow a running pancake, we meet the king of mushrooms and the fruit of oblivion...
Storytelling: Maria Vrachionidou.

Sunday, July 24 2016

Mylopotamos (Museum of Agricultural, Folklore and Cultural Heritage) / 12:30
“Crocodile, crocodile, are you hungry?” “I am hungry, very hungry and |I want to eat…” says a voice from the bottom of the lake. A shoe-shaped mouth, a pip-like tooth, two egg-like eyes and button-shaped nostrils! Stories about crocodiles, big and small…
Storytelling: Sofilia Tsorteki.
Crocodile design and creation: Vasiliki Maltsaki.

Mylopotamos (Museum of Agricultural, Folklore and Cultural Heritage) / 21:30

“Milk or beer?”
Strange things happen at night in the city of Ghent. Crippled creatures walk in the small treets, looking for some food. Phantoms sing milksongs on bridges. Luckily not every creep in Belgium is bad… a boy with a hump would use any trick (and a beer) to approach his unreachable love. Storytelling: Tom Van Outryve.

Monday, July 25 2016

Kato Meria (Nursery School) / 19:30

“Smaragdoulis travels to the lands of nutrition”
Puppets and stories take children to the lands of nutrition, where they get to know the basics of nutrition and foodstuff components. They are taught to understand that our bodies require balance in order to be strong and healthy. They play games and build their own nutrition pyramid. Puppet animation, educational program implementation: Smaragda Apostolatou, Aggeliki Goggou. Script, educational program design: Giorgos Evgenikos, Smaragda Apostolatou. Puppets, set design: Aggeliki Goggou. Direction: Giorgos Evgenikos.

Tuesday, July 26 2016
ΑΦΗΓΗΣH (in English)
Orkos (on the beach) / 19:30

“Raw fish, rotten fish and fish in soap”
In Norway we eat fish in many ways. One of them is "Lutefisk", a dish served at Christmas, that many people love, yet others want classified as a WMD. Nobody really knows who "invented" this way of preserving and cooking Cod, but they must have been desperate?
Storytelling: Jorunn Karin Erfjord.

«Τhe water ghost and the fisherman» Water Ghosts are lurking beneath the sea to kill humans and take their place in life. In this story a water ghost meets a fisherman. However, as they share big and delicious dinners together they become friends. Will she take his life? Storytelling: Sabrina Daniele

ΑΦΗΓΗΣH (in Greek)
Orkos (on the beach) / 20:30

“Cooking under the stars!”
A red ball of yarn falls to earth from the heavens, ties human lives and tells us magical stories. Nearby, a cauldron with mouth-watering, steaming food boils on a low fire.
Storytelling: George Laios. Flavours inspired by: Chef Nicolas Laios.

STORYTELLING FOR ALL (in Greek or in English)
Orkos (on the beach) / 19:00

“Tell me a story”

The Fairytale Festival graciously invites you to share with us a story or a song, around a table decked with delicacies and wine. (Interested persons please put up your name at the venue. Maximum story duration: 7 minutes). Coordinator: Maria Vrachionidou.

Wednesday, July 27 2016

Ancient Karthaia (For more information about the itinerary and the venue, please read the memo)

"Fairytales from Kea”
Two storytellers-guides will take us from Chartsidio (Departure: 17:00) to Karthaia and back (Departure from Karthaia: 21:00) along the ancient path. On the way they will tell us stories from Kea's oral tradition. Storytelling: Sofilia Tsorteki, Giorgos Laios, Maria Zourari.

Ancient Karthaia / 19:30
“Plato's Symposium”
The dramatic poet Agathon is holding a feast at his house to celebrate his being awarded a prize. In a merry climate, drinking wine, his guests decide to spend the night discussing and debating about love. Storytelling: Giorgos Evgenikos

Thursday, July 28 2016

Ioulida (Alsos Theatre) / 22:00
“Oh, the poor Sunless”
Wheat grains boil in a cauldron and ladles stir, alone, sesame seeds, cinnamon and roasted almonds. “I am thirsty, Poulio, let me drink” said Avgerinos having spotted a wolf’s footprint on the ground… A chat between two folktales, a parable and Greek folksinging.
Storytelling: Filia Dendrinou.

Friday, July 29 2016

Prophet Elias’ trail (Meeting and Goodbye point at the entrance to the trail, at Gyristis, near the shop) / 20:00 (For more information please read the memo)

“Bites of life”
Short stories, poems and fairy tales from literature. Chew them well for they are a bit heavy on the stomach! Storytelling: Evi Gerokosta.

Prophet Elias’trail / 22:00
“And they will eat each other’s flesh”
“Human flesh devouring” stories from Greek mythology, fairytales, parables and songs. A dark journey into forbidden, cannibalistic, acts! Storytelling: Anthi Thanou, Music: Alexandros Makris.

Saturday, July 30 2016

Otzias (by the sea) / 12:00
“Big and small bites”
Do crocodiles eat hot peppers? How did elephants become vegetarians? Why did the mouse eat his wife? Where did the child hide after eating all of the pie? Do men swallow words? Storytelling: Evi Gerokosta

Mylopotamos (Aristaios Farm – threshing floor) / 19:30
(Meeting point: the traditional product shop “Aristaios”)

“One body we all are and one bread”
Stories and tales about well-kneaded, fluffy delicious bread loaves; The mill grinds the grain of pain or joy into flour for the bread of master or slave, rich or poor. Bread from the blessed hands of a daughter that became frankincense and reached the sky. Decorated bread, complementing the cycle of life, its feasts and ceremonies. Bread kneaded with tears of bitterness and joy. Bread wholeheartedly offered to the hungry to eat.
Storytelling: Dorita Voskaridou

Between the two events will be thrashing

Mylopotamos (Aristaios Farm – threshing floor) / 21:30 (in English)
Roti Pani (Bread and Water)
British Indian Storyteller Peter Chand joins us at the festival again, and this time he shares the stage with his nephew Gorg Chand. Their show is a beautiful and lively mix of myth and folktale from India based around stories of hunger and thirst. You’ll hear of the origins of Mother Ganges. How a cruel mother in law used food as a weapon, and what lengths a king went to in order to help others!

Sunday, July 31 2016

Mylopotamos (Museum of Agricultural, Folklore and Cultural Heritage) / 12:30
“With honey, wine and salt”
It grows neither in gardens nor in orchards, kings taste it, and everyone has it. What is it? A gastronomic journey into tasty tales with more than a pinch of salt, lots of honey, wine, holy bread and common bread. Storytelling: Anthi Thanou. Music: Alexandros Makris.

Book launch / 19:30
“Traditional Kean recipes - Production - preservation – cooking”.
“The journey of barley bread or Krithinitis"
Presentation by the writer Maria Mouzakis

Storytelling and cooking / 20:00
“Starter” – Storytelling – recipe: “Meliti” Women’s Association of Kea.
“Salad” - Storytelling: Giorgos Evgenikos; Recipe: Chef Giannis Pantelidis.
“Main Course” – Storytelling - Recipe: Peter Chand,  Chef Gorg Chand.
“Dessert” – Storytelling: Anthi Thanou. Recipe: Maria Mouzakis
Music: Alexandros Makris;


Prophet Elias’ Trail – Itinerary 3 (Gyristi – Prophitis Ilias)
We take Prophet Elias' Trail (Monopati Prophiti Ilia) from Gyristi. Our first stop is after approx. 1 km then on for 500 m and we shall make our second stop. To return we turn on our steps. This cobbled trail crosses the oak forest. You shall need comfortable shoes and a torch for the return journey.

Karthaia – Itinerary 6 (Stavroudaki – Chartsidio - Vartholomaios Fountain – Kartaia)
A 650 m long by-road takes you from the motorway to Stavroudaki. There is not much parking space in Chartsidio but don't worry, if you can't park there, leave your car on the motorway. We shall walk from Chartsidio down the road for approximately 40 minutes, along the ancient trail that leads to Karthaia. You shall need comfortable shoes, water, a torch if you plan to return in the night, a camera and a rubbish bag.

Please remember:
Switch off you mobile phones during the shows. Remember that putting them on vibration mode may cause disturbance.
If you wish to take photos during the shows, ask permission from the organizers or the artists. If they agree, please do not use a flash. Avoid making noise with your camera as it might cause distraction among the audience and disturb the artist(s). Do not use audiovisual recording devices during the shows.
Respect our environment. Do not litter the event venues.
The event support team will be present at all the events to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Your assistance is both necessary and welcome.
Do not smoke while you are in the audience. It may disturb persons standing next to you.

Attention: All the events (shows) take place outdoors. We should all be responsible and attentive participants. Organizers shall not be liable for anything. The presence and supervision of parents and/or guardians is necessary at all events designed for kids.

Entrance to all the events is free-of-charge


“The symbols in tales”. What are symbols? Why are they so important not only in tales but also in our lives? In this workshop, well-known and lesser-known stories are analyzed and deciphered while participants are encouraged, through exercises and interactive games, to use their own symbols on preselected narration material.
Design – realization: Maria Vrachionidou (in Greek)
Sunday 24/7/2016, 10:30 – 12:30 (Arrival, registration: 10:15).
Participation fee: 20€. A participation certificate will be delivered to all attendants.

«Just My Imagination». A lively and practical workshop exploring how we remember, sequence, and enhance our stories. Suitable for those with some storytelling experience.
Design – realization: Peter Chand (in English)
Sunday 31/7/2016, 10:30 – 12:30 (Arrival, registration: 10:15).
Participation fee: 20€. A participation certificate will be delivered to all attendants.